Ana Adamovic (Belgrade), Natasha Kokic (Belgrade), Nikoleta Markovic (Belgrade), Biljana Marinkovic (Belgrade), Mileta Prodanovic (Belgrade), Milica Ruzicic (Belgrade), Uros Djuric (Belgrade), Stevan Vukovic (Belgrade), Dubravka Sekulic (Belgrade), Nebojsa Pjevic (Belgrade), Srdjan Vulkajlovic (Belgrade), Boban Filipovic (Ranilug), Tomislav Stanko Vukic (Novi Sad, Frankfurt), Artan Balaj (Prishtina), Driton Hajriedini (Prishtina), Alban Muja (Prishtina), Berat Hasani (Prishtina), Flaka Haliti (Prishtina), Fitore Isufi (Prishtina), Jetmir Idrizi (Prishtina), Rron Qena (Prishtina), Enver Gashi, (Prishtina), Bujar Sulejmani (Prishtina), Kader Muzaqi (Prishtina), Emine Shkodra (Prishtina), Lulzim Zeqiri (Prishtina), Manuel Schmalstieg (Genf)



Reenacting Moments 2 - Belgrade

Working meeting in Belgrade, 19-21 October 2007


Organisation: Felicia Herrschaft und Hortense Pisano


After the first working meeting, „Reenacting Moments: Culture and Art in Kosovo and Serbia“, that took place from 3-7 May 2007 in the Kosova Art Gallery in Prishtina, it was proposed that a further working meeting should be held in Belgrade to facilitate a more intensive exchange of views within the group and to enable them to develop joint projects. There is great interest in this proposal on the part of the artists and cultural actors involved. The second working meeting also fits in very well, in thematic terms, with the main emphasis of the current programme of the Goethe Institute, Belgrade on “History and the Construction of Memory”.



The second working meeting will take place in Belgrade from 19 to 22 October 2007. We are planning to invite about 15 artists and cultural actors from Prishtina and additional participants from Germany and Switzerland. Within this framework, we want to develop new ways of exhibiting art in public spaces in Belgrade and Prishtina. Up until now, artists in Serbia and Kosovo have had very few opportunities to position themselves in public or to attract the attention of a wider public sphere. We are therefore trying to explore public space in a new way.


During the working meeting, a video link will be set up between Belgrade and Prishtina. On two public squares in each city, we will project material via the internet (using Skype), and so attempt to reach a broader public which will then be able to take part in discussions with artists. This video link, which will be set up on 20 October, 2007 is proposed by Manuel Schmalstieg (N3KR Ltd / 1904.CC)). n3krozoft


During the first workshop in Prishtina on the subject of “Reenacting Moments”, we saw that young artists in both Kosovo and Serbia are following political developments closely and addressing political topics in their work. The second workshop in Belgrade will continue the work of the first by addressing the following questions: Will there be major changes in artistic production if Kosovo becomes an independent state? How are young artists from the region, who are from the same generation and confronting similar problems, dealing with current events and political developments that each group experiences in a different way? For these artists, current events and political changes are closely linked to childhood experiences. In view of their cultural differences, how can artists from these two regions elaborate joint projects? Together with the artists, we want to try to address these questions by looking at (amongst other topics) the history of monuments erected in public spaces during the Yugoslave period.


The project is supported by the Goethe Institute in Belgrade and from the Ministry of Culture in Kosovo.





Jetmir Idrizi - Photos Working Meeting